• Bare Bones Booster

For the cost conscious consumer.

New Design reduces the overall size.  With positive crimp connections this design avoids troublesome loose screw clamps making it a truly "install and forget it" board.

Operates on 12VDC input and i/o

Requires separate 12VDC power supply, diode protection and resistor bank (for LEDs).

Includes 16 pin ribbon connector, connector housings and terminal crimp connectors.

Although it is capable of far more, the suggested max ratings are 50VDC and 6A per output.



- 12VDC operation

- 16 opto isolated outputs

- 60V 50A Enhanced low RDS MOSfet drivers on outputs

- 16 pin header for ribbon cable connectivity with ledwiz

- compact footprint

Bare Bones Booster

  • $85.00 USD

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