Deluxe plunger kit WITHOUT the ball shooter mechanism.

If you need a ball shooter please order remember to add one to your cart.

The Original Launch Ball & Palm Smash

replacement plunger redesigned for 2017

Takes one USB port to add two up front in the cab!!


A solution that "Just Works"


Kit Features:

- 3D printed Housing with integrated mounting plate 

- in house assembled control unit

- digital plunge functions - using the ZB launch feature in DOF enables the plunger to replace a Launch Ball Button

- 20 button input functions

 - integrated button lighting control w/ 4 outputs

- integrated direct connect flipper solenoid/contactor output control

- integrated USB 2.0 hub with 2 open ports

- realistic, stable analog nudging functions.


Plunger Features:


Smooth, repeatable action

Stable, consistent performance

Compatibility with VP, FP and Pinball FX2

Now with palm smash and digital ball launch button replacement!!!!!


Nudge Features:


Complete configuration compatability with VP, FP and Pinball FX2 control settings

Automatic return to zero positioning

Realistic and stable performance


Input Features: 


16 Hard Coded standard keyboard control inputs

4 User assignable (within game control settings page) gamepad buttons

Integrated ZB_Launch Feature enabled

Fully debounced inputs for consistent, reliable function


User upgradable firmware for future enhancement releases.

Verified working under WinXp, Win7 (64 and 32 bit), Win 8.1(64 and 32 bit), Windows 10

*Ships with keyboard/Launch Ball Button replacement firmware installed

** While this unit has been tested with ball shooter mechanisms from various manufacturers, proper operation without adjustment cannot be guaranteed when not using the plungers and mounting hardware supplied by Cabinet front panel thickness used in programming the unit is based on standard construction of 3/4" material.  Ball shooters and mounting plates supplied by this site are purchased from Pinball Life and are standard Williams ball shooters, no modification required.

*** PinballFX2 compatibility requires xbox360ce to be installed and configured for plunger and nudging axis control and can be found

Wiring Diagram      Installation Instructions        Latest Firmware Release

Digital/Analog Plunger No Ball Shooter Assembly - Deluxe Series

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