• EZ INSTALL Basic Kit

Sold on a pre-order basis - may take up to 4 weeks to ship as all parts required are not always in stock.

The easiest install ever, simply plug in the USB & power cables, screw the panels to the inside walls of your cab, drop in the solenoid bar, and connect up 8 colour coded 1-way connections, and you're installed!


Kit consists of:

10 x 12v solenoids

1 x 30v replay knocker

1 x variable speed shaker motor

1 x Zebsboards FTDI controlled Booster with onboard USB 2.0 Hub (16 High output ports optically isolated from the FTDI Controller)

1 x shaker motor speed control

1 x night/quiet mode switch

1 x 20A 12v fan cooled power supply with fused mains input and thermal overload/short circuit protected output

4 x Open outputs 

1 x DOF preconfigured ini file

Pre-wired and 100% tested.  With a working B2s server and DOF installation in place you can be up and running in under 1/2hr!!

Install files can be found here


  • $850.00 USD

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