• LED Flasher Booster

New Design reduces the overall size.  With positive crimp connections this design avoids troublesome loose screw clamps making it a truly "install and forget it" board.

Operates on 12vdc - onboard dc converter reduces voltage to 3.3v eliminating the need to run from a computer power supply

Includes resistor board,  16 pin ribbon connector, connector housings and terminal crimp connectors.

Capable of running 2 sets of 350ma RGB Leds (in parallel) or 1 set of  750ma RGB Leds and strobes with a total output load of up to 1A



- 16 optoisolated outputs

- 12v input required, output adjustable (pre-set to 3.3v)

- 16 pin header for ribbon cable connectivity with ledwiz breakout board, pacled breakout board, etc

- compact footprint

LED Flasher Booster

  • $125.00 USD

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