• LEDWiz



As of 20/11/14 zebsboards will no longer be offering the LEDWiz.  




 USB port communication and power.

  • Up to 16 LED-Wiz boards per system. (Device ID numbers must be unique for each LED-Wiz or LED-Wiz+GP unit on a system)
  • 32 uniquely controllable outputs and up to about 500 Hi-Output LEDs per board (15+ per output, external power source required for this type of operation)
  • 48 levels of PWM intensityUsing RGB LEDs (common anode), theoretically 110,592 colors are possible.
  • Each individual output can be set to one of the following hardware modes. These modes are set by the computer, and after that the hardware handles them by itself.
    • Intensity
    • Sawtooth (gradual up and gradual down)
    • SquareWave (blink)
    • SawDown (full on, gradual down)
    • SawUp (gradual up, full on)
  • Hardware pulse rates are controlled by a 7-level global speed setting.

Includes mounting hardware, printed instruction sheet and 6' USB cable.



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