Kit includes:

- Pre-programmed STM32F1 Based Controller for serial addressable led control running Zebsboards custom firmware

- STM32 break out board with 8 outputs, 8 Ground Inputs

- on-board connectors are spring loaded tool -free connectors capable of up to 18AWG wire

- Outputs are pre-limited with 100 ohm resistors for impedence matching

- 2x 1meter 144 LED WS2815B  12V serial addressable ledstrips

- 1x 12V 30A (360W) power supply and power cable pre-wired for easy connectivity

- 6 foot USB micro B cable with filter choke

- 3D printed mounting plate

- fully tested cabinet.xml file available and fully tested compatibility with the latest Grander Unified DOF build

 to get you up and running immediately

- Maximum limit of 6400 leds / 1000 leds per output

Serial Controller in operation

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Plug N Play Serial Addressable LEDs

  • $195.00USD