About Us

Located 30 minutes East of Toronto in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, and conveniently 4KM from the site of the former Whitby Psychiatric Hospital,  Zebsboards.com has grown from a single car garage to a sprawling industrial unit of 660sqft and employing 1 miserable 40-something-year-old well into his mid-life crisis who shows no immediate sign of recovery.


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Our state of the art facility is equipped with two 40 year old tablesaws, a tempermental cnc router (and equally tempermental operator),

antiquated electronics work stations and a dust collection system suitable for an operation 3 times the size.


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Zeb himself is generally available at the shop having a daily routine of drinking 2 pots of coffee upon waking and consuming 24 to 48 beers throughout his 28hr long day.

Having long since lost touch with reality, he speaks of himself in the 3rd person and frequently creates his own language consisting of obscenties and politically incorrect phrases, most of which he translates into a franco-latin hybrid before punctuating it with universally understood physical gestures.


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During sporadic fits of struggling with code, it is not unusal to find him practicing bastardized rituals of santeria and praying to the old gods of whose name can found in the tomes of H.P. Lovecraft.


If you find yourself in the Whitby area, drop by for a visit.

Bring beer....and lots of it.