• PlugNPlay Shaker Motor Kit

Connect this set directly to the computer's USB port and external 12V supply, no external controller (LedWiz, PacLED64) required!!!



- Completely opto-isolated solid state driver runs the included motor safely

- Onboard FTDI Controller connects the shaker directly to the computer

- Onboard speed control allows fine tuning of the shaker effect (using a 12V supply the Output voltage is  10.6V - 1.5V )

- Indicator LEDs for power and shaker motor

- USB cable included, Downloadable instructions and xml control file for control under DOF

Requires 3A  9v - 12v external power supply (not included)

Requires Direct Output Framework version 3 and up

 2A max draw at startup

 1A max draw at run speed

 7A draw at stall 


PlugNPlay Shaker Motor Kit

  • Brand: Zebsboards.com
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